Like all Microsoft Devices, Microsoft updates the firmware for their Surface Dock on an irregular schedule. The updates fixes bugs and the causes of possible crashes although I have not been able to find what exactly the updates fix.

  1. The updater is available at the Surface Tools for IT - Make sure to select just the Surface Dock Updater Tool.


  1. Once the Tool has downloaded, install it as normal and then run the Microsoft Surface Dock Updater which is now in the Start Menu. Make sure that your Surface Dock is connected to your laptop.

About halfway through the update, the tool will ask you to disconnect the Dock from your Surface. Unplug the Dock from your Surface Connect port.


After a few seconds, you will be prompted to re-connect the Surface Dock to your Surface.


After a few minutes, if the update works as it is supposed to, you'll see a screen that informs you to unplug your Dock from the Surface Connect port once again, so it can finish the update, which should take about three minutes.

When the Dock is reconnected, you'll see a screen that confirms you have the latest Surface Dock firmware.

Your Surface Dock should now have the latest firmware, which in May 2019 is v2.23.139.0