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The search for a Mac GUI SSH Client

The search for a Mac GUI SSH ClientComing from a Windows world, there are multiple different SSH clients, some free and some paid for. But in the Mac world, there seem to be none.Now, the gold standard in SSH clients in the Windows world is SecureCRT from VanDyke software and there is now a Mac version available, however, at $95 a copy, its also way to expensive for most home or small business users.

Now, I know can you can just use the terminal app and the terminal app does the job but there has to be something better.

Other people have also recommended iTerm 2 which is a much improved terminal emulator for Mac OS X. In fact, iTerm 2 is what the terminal app should be. And to be fair, iTerm 2 does does support saving tabs, hotkeys and split panes but its still not a SSH Client.

In the Windows world, PuTTY is regarded as one of the best free and open source SSH clients but at present, according to the PuTTY FAQ, the Cocoa based version of PuTTY is not ready for general use, at best it is Beta quality and so hasn’t been released.

However, PuTTY is also available from the MacPorts system even though it is not support by the PuTTY developers. If you have MacPorts installed, running the command sudo macport install putty and in a few minutes, you will have a reasonably good SSH client. Of course, it does need Xcode and XWindows/XQuartz to work but it works and is free.

In the meantime, I will continue looking for a true Mac SSH GUI client. There should be something in the App Store by now.