Microsoft has finally released the final version of PowerShell 5.1 aka Windows Management Framework for Operating Systems other than Windows 10.

PowerShell requires Microsoft .Net 4.5 as a minimum and ideally Microsoft .Net 4.6.1 should be installed.

Windows 7 64bit

Windows 7 32bit

Windows 8.1 64bit

Windows 8.1 32bit

Windows 2012 Server

Windows 2012R2 Server

Installation Instructions

The installers for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 are a little different from normal.

  1. Once you have downloaded the .zip file, unzip the file to a temporary folder
  2. Open the PowerShell Administrator and go to the folder you unzipped the file
  3. Run the Install-WMF5.1.ps1 - this will check to see if all the prerequisites are already installed.

For all other Operating Systems, just run the .MSU file as normal